“Golden” Carrot Cake Oatmeal

Hey Broke Foodies,

(Recipe Below)

So I’d like to start off this post by letting you guys know that I have been obsessed with Turmeric lately! It’s the LOST spice and I’ve been missing out. It has SO many benefits! Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory (good bye ibuprofen), boosts the immune system (See ya later Emergen-C) , lowers cholesterol (Stop taking those statins) , and so much more. Honestly, don’t even get me started because I could talk turmeric for hours.

Any who, what sparked my turmeric craze was this product I found at Savory Spice called Jinka! It’s an all natural premium turmeric paste made with 9 spices including turmeric, nutmeg, Ceylon cinnamon, Himalayan pink salt, black pepper, date sugar, coconut oil, alkaline water, and Peruvian organic ginger. Each spice is organic and hand picked for its nutritional benefits. It’s a little pricey at $40 per tub but I definitely think its worth is to invest in your health and your self!

I’ve been using Jinka for about 3 weeks now and I’ve been sleeping so much better and haven’t been experiencing as much back pain. For those readers who don’t know, I have Scoliosis – not a big deal but it does cause me annoying back pain pretty often. Currently, I’m drinking a 1/2 tbsp. of Jinka with 8 oz almond milk warmed up before bed. Not the most exciting way to get your turmeric in, but it works. I have been looking for a more versatile way to use the product and then I saw my friend, Nutrition with Mariana’s, recipe for carrot cake oatmeal ! It was perfect. I made a few tweaks to her original.

I named this recipe “Golden” Carrot Cake Oatmeal because you get a nice golden color once you mix the Jinka/Turmeric into the oatmeal. It’s also a play on the popular Japanese Golden Milk Tea. This is a great spin on traditional oatmeal. It’s colorful, packed with nutritional benefits and has a nutty/gingerbread like flavor. The carrots also add a nice refreshing crunch. It doesn’t really taste exactly like carrot cake but I really liked it! You can always amp up the sweetness level with date sugar or brown sugar if needed. I’m trying to stay off the hard stuff so the banana, raisins, and drizzle of honey added enough sweetness for me! If you don’t have Jinka, just sub regular turmeric!

Ok, so enough babble… here’s the recipe!


Hope you all enjoy!

Thanks for reading,


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