Cherry-Pie Recovery Smoothie

I love to drink this smoothie as a workout recovery ! I make it a priority to give my body the nutrition it needs after a hard workout like cycling at RYDE. You always want to make sure you are taking in both carbohydrates and protein plus building blocks to help repair and replenish your body. This smoothie is perfect because … Continue reading Cherry-Pie Recovery Smoothie

Ketel One Tasting at The Address

I've been wanting to try Ketel One Botanicals for a while now. So when I reached out to my friend and Diageo rep, Asia, and she offered a tasting. I jumped at the chance! The tasting took place at The Address - a popular bar on the east side off of 288 close to UH … Continue reading Ketel One Tasting at The Address

Houston Restaurant Weeks : “Champagne taste on a beer budget”

  Houston Restaurant Weeks is like Christmas in August for any foodie but it's especially sweet for a foodie on a budget. "Whys that you ask?" Because it gives restaurant goers the chance to try some of Houston's finest cuisine at budgeted prices. Not to mention, it raises funds for The Houston Food Bank. 2 … Continue reading Houston Restaurant Weeks : “Champagne taste on a beer budget”

Guilt-Free Piña Coladas

I love piña coladas and I'm not talking about the pre- mixed stuff you find in a bottle at the store. I'm talking about real deal freshly made - "I'm sitting on the beach of a tropical island " Piña Coladas. As much as i love them, I've never been crazy about all the cals … Continue reading Guilt-Free Piña Coladas

Quick & Easy Blueberry Pie

It's 4th of July eve and unfortunately the 4th falls on a Wednesday this year . Yes that's right, smack dab dead in the middle of the week. So much for that 3 day weekend! If you're like me, you're probably strapped for time and haven't put much thought into your 4th of July bbq/ … Continue reading Quick & Easy Blueberry Pie

High Tea at Hotel Sorella

Hey Broke Foodies! So, disclaimer - this specific event is a little pricey but its a great experience and totally worth it so I wanted to share it with you all :). I was invited to High Tea this past Sunday by a fellow blogger babe, Alley  , and I really enjoyed the experience and … Continue reading High Tea at Hotel Sorella

The First Annual Celebration of Pasta Recap

The Deets The 1st Annual Celebration of Pasta presented by the IACC and True Italian Taste took place on May 20th from 2pm-5pm at The Bayou Events Center off of Knight Road. There were over 20 vendors and restaurants from the surrounding Houston area and the event had a turn out of over 450 people! … Continue reading The First Annual Celebration of Pasta Recap

“Homemade” Superfood Cinnamon Rolls

Hey Broke Foodies, I received products from Bee Keeper's Naturals last week through Shop N Shout. Sidenote: If you're a blogger or influencer, I would definitely consider signing up. You can pick through a catalog of items and as long as you meet the requirements and post about it they will send you the product for free. … Continue reading “Homemade” Superfood Cinnamon Rolls

A Celebration of Pasta – Cacio e Pepe

Hey Broke Foodies, Clap, Clap - BRAVO ... it's a "Celebration...... of Pasta"! (you know I can't help throwing in a few good Drake lyrics). The following post is my entry for The 2018 Houston Pasta Blogger Competition sponsored by IACC. The winner will receive a trip to Italy for two!!!! I studied abroad in … Continue reading A Celebration of Pasta – Cacio e Pepe